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I would love to have her biography, so I’m little bit jealous ;) I love her and I think she was (well, she still is) the most beautiful human being <3 And I’m sorry for that but I’m gonna reblog most of your posts with her.

Please, do reblog!! I keep thinking people will unfollow me cause all that stuff, so I’m glad someone likes it as well!
Also, if you love her so much, you should read her biography. It’s called simply “Audrey Hepburn”, by Barry Paris. It’s wonderful. And huge (about 450 pages) - but goes through since her childhood and WWII until her UNICEF years in Africa.
I admired her first for the style icon she (still) is, but after getting to know her story a little better, I grew to love her deeply. She’s my idol - not so much for the actress she was, but for the human being. It really inspires me to be a better person. I mean, if Audrey Fucking Hepburn can be a kind, gentle, polite, caring, loving person, everyone else should be it as well.
Really, I couldn’t admire a person more that I admire AH.

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